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American Medallion Company [AMC]
American Medallion Company (AMC) vintage 1 Oz and fractional silver bullion rounds

American Medallion Company [AMC]

The American Medallion Corporation, AMC for short, was a prolific producer of collector and thematic rounds in the mid to late 1980's. The company incorporated in 1986 and was based in Houston, TX. It ceased operations in 1989. Much of the history concerning the company remains unknown, but there exists a possibility that it was associated with the Texas International Mint.

The company seemed to have secured rights to issue medallions associated with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and other cartoon entertainment holding companies. It's most well known series was titled Cartoon Celebrities which contained a wide variety of medallions depicting both modern superheroes and older cartoon classics such as Dagwood, Blondie, Brutus, and Popeye. The set consisted of 36 medallions and was produced in 1987. The set was produced in Bronze, Silver, and a limited colorized silver thought to be limited to no more than 50 rounds.

In addition to the Cartoon Celebrities series, AMC also produced other series such honoring entertainers, patriots, and mythological creatures. One series produced in 1987 paid homage to bullion issued by other countries. It contained the Chinese Panda, Australian Koala, and Canadian Maple Leaf among others. AMC also minted bullion rounds with the obverses and reverses bearing common motifs. The 1 Oz silver medallions were minted with .999 Fine Silver.


AMC Products

     • Cartoon Celebrities 1 Oz rounds
     • Miscellaneous 1 Oz series rounds (Entertainers, Patriots, etc)
     • Miscellaneous 1 Oz commemorative event rounds
     • Bullion 1 Oz rounds with various motifs

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