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American Pacific Mint
American Pacific Mint vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds

American Pacific Mint

Originally known as American Pacific Mint Inc., they incorporated in Nevada in September 1965, and later moved to Azusa, California. They purchased the Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange in September 1987 for an undisclosed amount. Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange continued operating as a subsidiary of American Pacific Mint. In January 1992, after seeing that subsidiary achieve record results and a 19% jump in profits, American Pacific Mint planned to move their headquarters to Dallas and rename the entire company as Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange. Shareholders approved the plan in July that year.

In July 2001, they began to use their present name. They were one of the earliest coin and bullion dealers to begin doing business on the internet; they set up a website to auction jewelry from their stores in 1995, and later launched two further websites for auctioning watches and to allow jewelry manufactures and vendors to sell to each other and directly to the public. They also set up a website to provide real-time price quotes for precious metals.  Their revenues from their internet business began to show dramatic growth in 1999; revenue to March 15 of that year was five times the revenue for their 1998 fiscal year. Their acquisition of Superior Galleries, and the success of Superior's first auction under DGSE ownership, drove their share price up 33% to $4.06 in August 2007.


American Pacific Mint Products

     • International Silver Trade Unit with various obverses (e.g., Morgan, Draped Bust, Eagle)
     • Undated commemorative 1 Oz rounds with different designs

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