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Asahi Refining
Silver bullion rounds minted by Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining

While the name Asahi Refining is new, the operation, facilities, and experience in the precious metals industry date back to the mi-1800's. The parent company of Asahi Refining is Japan-based Asahi Holdings, founded in 1952. The company has business lines that extend in recycling and sales of precious and rare metals (gold, silver, palladium, and platinum in particular), the treatment of industrial wastes, detoxification of hazardous wastes, and analysis for rare and precious metals.

In 2014, Asahi Holdings agreed to purchase Johnson Matthey’s holdings in gold and silver refining and the deal was consummated in 2015. Asahi Holdings took control of Johnson Matthey’s refining operations at its facilities in both Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) and Brampton, Ontario (Canada). A third facility in the Johnson Matthey operation, in St. Catharine's (Canada) was also included in the deal. The facility in St. Catharine's is an investment casting services center.

Asahi Holdings began operating out of the Salt Lake and Brampton facilities in March 2015. These two facilities have combined under the operational name of Asahi Refining. The very first products struck by the newly formed Asahi Refining were 100 oz Silver Bars. Because Asahi Refining absorbed the operations of Johnson Matthey, it was able to quickly ramp up production in the precious metals space.

Like Johnson Matthey is gaining notoriety array of silver bars and rounds. It is currently producing silver bars ranging from 1 Oz to 100 Oz and gold bars from 1 Oz to 10 Oz. Asahi has minted a variety of 1 Oz rounds including Buffalo rounds, Patriot rounds, and American Reserve. All silver products are minted with .999 Fine Silver. 

Asahi Refining Products

     • American Reserve 1 Oz rounds
     • Buffalo 1 Oz rounds
     • Miscellaneous other dated and undated rounds

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