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AS&M Co.
AS&N Co. vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds

AS&M Co.

Very little information is known about the A.S. & M. Co. There appear to be only a few styles of 1 Oz silver rounds and bars produced by this company. They are all marked with the mark "AS&M Co.". The style and motifs of the bars are reminiscent of vintage rounds produced in the mid 1970's.

Of the two known rounds, the more uncommon one has the obverse of the Letcher Mint Eagle rounds from 1973 and 1974. It's reverse is the typical silver trade unit scales common to many vintage rounds at the time. The other more common round has a flying eagle on the obverse and a small version of the Liberty Bell on the reverse. In addition to 1 Oz rounds, 5 Oz bars were produced with the Liberty Bell and Eagle motifs.


AS&M Co. Products

     • Undated 1 Oz rounds with eagle/bell and eagle/scales motifs

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