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Australia Lunar Series 3
Australia Lunar Series 3 government issued silver bullion coins

Australia Lunar Series 3

The inaugural coin of the Silver Lunar Series 3 minted by Perth Mint was issued in 2020.  Like the first coins in Series 1 and Series 2, it celebrates the Year of the Mouse.  The series is scheduled to run through 2031. 

In a similar fashion to the Silver Lunar Series 2 , a variety of sizes will be issued each year.  Coins for all years can be found in the following sizes:  10 Kg($300), 1 Kg($30), 5 Oz($8), 2 Oz($5), 1 Oz($1), and 1/2 Oz(50c).  The coins are minted with .9999 pure silver.  For Series 3, Perth Mint has opted to alter the size of the 1 Oz coins to be identical to what they produced for Series 1.  The diameter has been reduced to 40.6 mm and the thickness increased to 2.98 mm.  Throughout the series, only the 10 Kg and the 1 Oz coin had maximum mintages set.  The rest of the sizes were issues as "unlimited".  The 1 Oz coin had a maximum mintage of 300,000. Although the obverse and reverse designs changed between Series 3 and the previous two series, they are somewhat similar.

For the first time in Lunar Series history, the Perth Mint will use the new sixth-generation effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. The previous Lunar Series II collection concluded with the Ian Rank-Broadley design to ensure all 12 releases in that series shared the same effigy.

This right-profile portrait of Her Majesty debuted on several bullion coins from the Perth Mint in 2019. It was created by Jody Clark and showcases the Queen wearing the Royal Diadem crown on her head, as well as earrings and the Victorian coronation necklace. Notably, this is the first Australian coin effigy of the Queen to include her neckline and shoulders in the portrait since 1966.

In a new addition to the Lunar Series III collection, the Perth Mint is using a new authentication feature on the silver bullion coins in the series. The 10 Kilo coin will not feature this option, but the other five bullion weights will. On the reverse side of the coin, the Perth Mint has a micro-engraved letter within the design of the Year of the Mouse that is only visible under magnification.


Silver Bullion Mintage

Year1/2 Oz1 Oz2 Oz5 Oz1 Kilo10 Kilo



Obverse:  The obverse contains Queen Elizabeth II is at the center surrounded by an inscription bearing her name, the name of the issuing country "Australia", the year, the purity, and the face value of the coin "1 Dollar."

Reverse: The motif is the lunar animal of that particular year. A Chinese symbol representing the lunar year is placed at different locations around the central motif.  An inscription below the Chinese symbol identifies the animal and the date of issue.

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