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Barbados Trident
Government issued silver bullion coins from Barbados

Barbados Trident

In 2017, the Central Bank of Barbados entered into an agreement with Scottsdale Mint to produce a bullion series of coins featuring Barbadian imagery. Under the “Barbados Trident Coin Program" the mint will produce four coins – two in fine (.999) silver and two in fine (.9999) gold – all of which will feature the broken trident, a symbol of the island’s independence. The broken trident is featured prominently on the national flag and was also found on the one cent circulation coin from 1973 until 2014, when that denomination was discontinued.

The trident is a sign of power and power, and is primarily associated with Neptune, the Roman god of freshwater and the sea. The symbol is understood in Barbados as one of the national landmarks and can also be found on the state flag. The trident on the flag, however, is slightly modified to symbolize independence from the United Kingdom in 1966.

The Barbados Trident silver coin is produced with a mintage of only 30,000 pieces and is delivered in “Proof-like” quality with a purity of .999 FS. The five-ounce silver coin will appear later, as well as one-ounce gold coins and mini-gold coins of 1/5 ounce.


Silver Bullion Mintage

Year1 Oz



Obverse: The obverse of the 1 oz Barbados Trident Silver Coins includes the coat of arms for Barbados. There are a number of intricate design elements on this side of the coin, starting with the shield that features the images of the Pride of Barbados in the upper corners and a bearded fig tree in the center. The Pride of Barbados is the national flower. The shield is crowned with a helmet, supported on either side by a pelican and dolphin fish, and capped at the top with a hand raising up a pair of sugar cane stalks.

Reverse: The reverse shows an image of the trident head as it is depicted on the national flag. The trident here is broken, not whole, and represents the 1966 break between Barbados and its former colonial masters in Great Britain. The trident was, in mythology, a powerful tool for controlling the lakes, seas, and oceans of the world.

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