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A History of Silver 'Round the World - Part 1

All of us have a story about how we got involved in coin collecting and/or investing. Since Silver 'Round the World developed as a result of my interest in coins, it seems like a logical place to start both as an introduction and for kicking off the blog. So, here's my story.

I am in my early 50's and while I haven't always collected coins, I've always been a collector.  For most of my life I collected stamps. That hobby stuck with me from the age of 6 through the college years and into my 30's. I enjoyed all aspects of the hobby, going to shows, interacting with other collectors, and even designing and building a website from scratch. Eventually though, life and family began diminishing my spare time.

Somehow, my youngest son inherited the collecting gene. He loved coins almost as soon as he knew what they were. The statehood quarters were all the rage and he would go through our change trying to put together a set. He did manage to finish the set which he promptly took to the ballpark and spent on candy. One day I mentioned to him that I thought there was a coin shop in the city where we lived. The next weekend we went in search of it and managed to find it. My son was in heaven! He would save up his money and we would take a trip to the shop where he would spend it all. While he was shopping, I would talk to the owner or casually browse through the inventory. We would stay until I was bored, which usually meant about an hour or so.

One day we took a trip down to the coin shop, but unfortunately, it was closed. The note on the door stated that they were closed for the weekend because they were setting up at the local quarterly show.  This was all new to my son but when I told him there would be quite a few dealers there, he immediately wanted to go, so off we went. The show was a coin shop on steroids. It was 2 hours before I could finally drag him away, and even then, only with the promise that we would come back the next time the show was held.

Three months later, we returned to the same show. Now, it was a small show, maybe 15 to 20 dealers. My son, who was 9 at the time, visited every dealer, 5 times! I circled around with him for the first two times and then I watched him as he went around 3 more times on his own. The dealers loved him, and lavished little gifts and deals upon him since youth is the future of the hobby. We were there for 4 hours and I resigned myself to the fact that we would be coming to every show. I was glad that my son enjoyed the time there, but as we left I wondered, "How can I keep myself occupied for four hours?"

To find out, check back for the next installment.

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