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KOMSCO (Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation ) is a government-owned corporation in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) that is responsible for both the production of silver and gold bullion, as well as other national printing and coining duties. It was founded through full investment from the National Treasure of South Korea under a special law enacted in 1951. Today, the mint is the sole currency manufacturer for the Republic of Korea, and it operates under the direct control of the government in Seoul. The primary function of KOMSCO is to manufacture banknotes, coins, national bonds, and various other securities issued by the government of South Korea. Additional services included the manufacture of currency safety bonds issued by the Bank of Korea, postage stamps, special government certificates, and any other special printed items for the government.

The mint operates a highly sophisticated facility in Daejeon, South Korea, where it places high priority on research and development, as well as innovation and evolution in security technology. The Silver Clay Chiwoo Cheonwang medal is just one of the many products manufactured by KOMSCO on an annual basis. KOMSCO is closely associated with the Bank of Korea due to its operations as the sole currency manufacturer for South Korea. The Bank of Korea is the nation’s central bank and was established with the Bank of Korea Act, which passed on June 12, 1950. The bank was established in the wake of Korea’s liberation and subsequent split along the 38th parallel on August 15, 1945 following World War II. AS it was then, the primary purpose of the Bank of Korea is price stability for the nation.

As of 2017, KOMSCO is growing its international profile as a national mint with global aspirations. Already the sole currency producer for South Korea, the mint is both rolling out new South Korean gold and silver bullion for investors and offering its services to other nations. KOMSCO is increasing the export of banknotes, security papers, and electronics passports with its anti-forgery technology to nations across Central and East Asia, as well as Europe and Africa. Currently, KOMSCO produces 600 different types of products for South Korea and other nations that include commemorative banknotes, medals, welfare cards, and even civil servant ID cards. Examples of its expansion include banknotes exported to Indonesia, printing inks to Canada and Switzerland, and even 3 million electronic ID cards to Kyrgyzstan.


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