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Mulligan Mint

Mulligan Mint was a mint based in the Dallas area known for minting commemorative coins and "alternative" money for people who were wary of the U.S. dollar. It began operations in 2012 with the stated aim of creating a complementary currency system that can fill in the blanks where the U.S. dollar lets us down. Mulligan Mint sought to target antiestablishment clientele who felt estranged by traditional banking. Among its numerous products were the Deluminati coin, Ron Paul rounds, and the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series.

Mulligan mint has grown to make between 30,000 and 50,000 coins a month. The company's equipment, some of which came from a Denver mint that made pennies, can "melt, cast, roll, blank, rim, anneal, burnish, wash and mint" coins, according to its website. Some of the mint's coins are used by Native American tribes or associations that want commemorative coins. It has also sold coins for what are called "community currencies"---an alternative money system adopted by small groups of people.

In 2013 the mint filed for bankruptcy. There was an internal dispute between the two co-founders as well as accusations of theft and mismanagement. A sizeable portion of the silver that the mint supposedly possessed could not be located. During its brief existence, Mulligan Mint did make quite an impact among the precious metals community by continuing the tradition and ideas associated with Bernard von NotHaus' Liberty Dollar.


Mulligan Mint Products

     • Silver Bullet Silver Shield series
     • Deluminati 1 Oz rounds
     • Second Arrow Silver 1 Oz rounds
     • Cannabis rounds
     • Miscellaneous other 1 Oz AOCS rounds

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