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The Perth Mint is Australia's official bullion mint and wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia. Established on 20 June 1899, two years before Australia's Federation in 1901, The Perth Mint was the last of three Australian colonial branches of the United Kingdom's Royal Mint (after the now-defunct Sydney Mint and Melbourne Mint) intended to refine gold from the gold rushes and to mint gold sovereigns and half-sovereigns for the British Empire. Along with the Royal Australian Mint, which produces coins of the Australian dollar for circulation, The Perth Mint is the older of the two mints issuing coins that are legal tender in Australia.

There are a handful of mints and refineries in this world which are known to the vast majority of precious metal investors and collectors. Known for its annual-release gold and silver coins, the Perth Mint is home to a vast array of bullion products that include limited-run series, proof collectible products, and even gold bars for sale. Perth Mint products enjoy a reputation for excellence worldwide. Regardless of whether the coin is a limited edition intended for discerning collectors or the Australian Silver Kangaroo which is designed for investors and has an annual issuance in the millions, the quality is immediately apparent to anyone picking up the coin.


Perth Mint Products

     • Australian Silver Kangaroo series
     • Australian Silver Koala series
     • Australian Silver Kookaburra series
     • Australian Silver Wildlife series
     • Australian Silver Lunar Series I (1996-2007) 
     • Australian Silver Lunar Series II (2008-2019) 
     • Australian Silver Lunar Series III (2020-2031)
     • Australian Silver Wildlife Series
     • Australian Gold Kangaroo series
     • Australian Platinum Platypus and Koala series
     • Miscellaneous silver 1 Oz and fractional rounds

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