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Burton Mint
Burton Mint vintage 1 Oz  silver bullion rounds

Burton Mint

Little is known about the history of the company. The company opened its doors in 1986 and according to IRS filings, ceased to exist around 1988. They were based out of Los Angeles, California. During their short lifespan, they produced 4 known rounds. The most common is the Halley's comet round produced in 1986. Additionally, they produced a Statue of Liberty round, a Los Angeles Marathon round, and a Titanic round. Some mule rounds exist with the obverse of the Statue of Liberty round paired with the obverse of the Halley's comet round. All silver rounds were minted with .999 Fine Silver. Mintages for all the rounds were set at a maximum of 1,000,000 but the COAs seem to suggest that far fewer were sold, perhaps less than 20,000.


American Argent Mint Products

     • 1 Oz Halley's Comet round (1986)
     • 1 Oz Statue of Liberty round (1986)
     • 1 Oz Titanic round (undated)
     • 1 Oz Los Angeles Marathon round (undated)

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