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California Crown Mint
California Crown Mint vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds and bars

California Crown Mint

California Crown Mint was a silver refiner based in Woodland Hills, California. They were in business under that name from 1980 to 1983. Sometime in 1984, they changed their name to Crown Mint and continued production up through 1991. Throughout the life of the company they marked their products in several different ways. Some of the bars are simply marked a crown, while other items are marked with "CCM", others still are marked with "CM@[YY]" where [YY] is the two digit year. A small number of items are marked with a cursive script "cm".

While they are best known for their KitKat-style silver bars and collectible bars, they did produce several 1 Oz rounds as well. Many of the rounds commemorate holidays, professions, or animals and are designed to be engraved on the reverse. In 1985 they produced a series of 5 rounds under the title of "Crown Impressions". This series depicted mythical creatures such as the Pegasus. They produced two commercial style bullion rounds, one containing a crown on the obverse and the other depicting a flying eagle with a flag. The second design was also reproduced in a 1 Oz bar form. A few other commemorative rounds were also minted during the life of the company. All of their products were minted with .999 Fine Silver.


California Crown Mint Products

     • Commercial bullion 1 Oz rounds with crown and eagle/flag motifs
     • Mythical creatures 1 Oz rounds from 1985
     • Engravable 1 Oz Holiday, Profession, and Animal rounds
     • Various 1 Oz commemorative rounds

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