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Cameroun Cheetah
Government issued silver bullion coins from Cameroun

Cameroun Cheetah

The Scottsdale Mint is quickly becoming a leading producer of bullion coinage for nations across the African continent. The latest addition to its impressive lineup is the new Silver Cheetah coin for the Republic of Cameroon. This sleek and visually stunning design debuted in 2019 with a low mintage figure. Each of the 2019 1 Oz Cameroon Silver Cheetah Coins from Scottsdale Mint are shipped inside of protective plastic capsules. These silver coins have a proof-like finish and are minted with .999 FS. The denomination for the series is 500 Francs (CFA).


Silver Bullion Mintage

Year1 Oz
2019 25,000
2020 25,000



Obverse: The obverse side of coin includes the image of a cheetah showing off its speed during a hunt. The cheetah is not physically moving, the use of increasingly larger stars from the background to the foreground with zooming lines that disappear into the distance give the appearance the cheetah rapidly approaching its prey. Inscriptions on this side include only 1 Troy oz .999 Silver.

Reverse: The Cameroonian coat of arms is featured on reverse of the coin. With a pyramid shape in the background, the shield is backed by crossed battle-axes. The shield itself depicts the scales of justice in the center topped by a star. Inscriptions immediately below read both Republic of Cameroon and Republique du Cameroun. Other inscriptions around the outer edger of the coin read Republique du Cameroun and 500 Francs CFA.

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