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Chad Lion
Government issued silver bullion coins from Chad

Chad Lion

The final issues of an annual series produced by Sunshine Mint, each coin of which featured a different depiction of the African Lion, were issued on behalf of the country of Chad. The issues were minted in 2017 and 2018. The mintage on these was restricted to just 50,000. Coins were issued on behalf of different countries in Africa where the lion makes it's home. Burundi, Congo and Chad were the countries represented during the the series. The coins are minted in .999 FS and have a face value of 5000F.


Silver Bullion Mintage

Year1 Oz



Obverse: The obverse of coins include the same design featured on all coins in the series. The map of the African continent is featured and each year the nation of issue is highlighted within the map. The other nations of Africa are not visible by national boundaries, but the Republic of Chad is visible as a mirrored section within the otherwise matte appearance of the continental map.

Reverse: The reverse of the 2018 1 Oz Republic of Chad Lion Silver Coin is the image of a male lion. The massive mane around his neck dominates much of the design field, with his face stoic as he surveys the lands around his pride looking for challengers and predators.

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