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Congo Gorilla
Congo Gorilla government issued silver bullion coins

Congo Gorilla

The Congo Silverback Gorilla coin series is a popular, low-mintage collection offered by the Scottsdale Mint for the Republic of Congo. The coins feature a different design of the Silverback Gorilla, the alpha male in a family group, on the coins obverse side each year. Each new release in the Congo Silver Silverback Gorilla coin collection depicts the Silverback, generally considered the alpha male of the family unit. Gorilla family units are known as troops and contain only one Silverback, which earned its name as a result of the stripe of silver fur on its back that results from age.

All coins in the series feature proof-like features. Proof-like bullion coins often mimic the appearance of proof coins, with frosted elements to the design set and a mirrored appearance for the background field. The coins in the series are minted with .999 FS.


Silver Bullion Mintage

Year1 Oz



Obverse: The obverse design features a fierce head and shoulders image of the silverback gorilla. The muscular bulk of the animal is presented in fine detail. A Congo jungle scene fills the background, encircled by attractive markings. Arched over the gorilla’s image is the inscription “Congo Silverback Gorilla,” and below is the date and purity.

Reverse: The reverse side of the coin features the official coat of arms for the Republic of Congo. "REPUBLIQUE DU CONGO" is inscribed above the coat of arms while the denomination, "5000 FRANCS CFA" is inscribed below.

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