Grading Scale

Silver 'Round the World seeks to offer high-quality coins and rounds to our customers. We restrict our inventory to items considered to be in Mint State(MS) condition. Each listing on our website contains a designation of BU or PF, but this is not a grade. It is an identification of the finish on the coin or round. Coins grades range from 1 to 70 on the Sheldon scale, and we apply the same scale to the vintage rounds. While we do not assign any numeric grade to our offerings, we strive to ensure they are in the MS range of the Sheldon scale. 

Since grading is subjective, it is helpful to have a standard for identifying whether an item meets our criteria. Note in the list below that: 1) grading deals primarily with circulation, 2) toning does not impact the grade, and 3) an MS coin or round does not have to be perfect. The grading standards we use are:

  • MS70: No imperfections under high magnification. This is a perfect coin.
  • MS69: Any imperfections, hairlines, etc., are virtually undetectable under magnification. Older coins and rounds of this caliber are rare.
  • MS68: A very prominent, well-defined strike. Full mint luster. Outstanding eye appeal. No visible marks of any kind are present on the coin's primary surfaces under average magnification power. The coin has an outstanding surface quality.
  • MS67: Above average strike. Full mint luster and attractive eye appeal. A few tiny or hidden marks can be present near an important design area. Only one significant mark can exist.
  • MS66: Above average strike. Full mint luster is required for the MS66 level. An MS66-graded coin should have above-average eye appeal and be attractive for the issue. A few small scattered marks may be present, but not a single, large, obvious mark that detracts from the overall appeal of the coin.
  • MS65: The strike should be at least average for the issue and preferably sharp. The luster should be above average, although full mint luster is not required like coins graded MS66 and MS67. Bag marks can be present, but should not detract from the coin's overall beauty. MS65s are appealing with attractive luster and are above average for the issue.
  • MS64: The strike is average and preferably slightly better than average. Luster should be at least average for the issue. Full mint luster is not required. Bag marks are present, sometimes heavier than others.
  • MS63: An average uncirculated coin for the issue. Full mint luster is not required, nor is a full strike. Average eye appeal is sufficient for this grade. Bag marks are present and can be heavy, but they should not overwhelm the overall appeal of the coin.
  • MS62: Slightly below-average strike, luster, and eye appeal. Bag marks may be heavy and the coin's surfaces may have some large, detracting ones.
  • MS61: Heavily marked with dull, unappealing luster. An MS61-graded coin may look slightly better than an MS60, but the difference is marginal. A substantially below-average coin with a general lack of eye appeal. 
  • MS60: An often unattractive, possibly impaired coin with surface distractions and scuffed heavily bag-marked surfaces. Yet, no signs of circulation.

Most coins or rounds for sale on the website are in raw Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition. Although the vast majority will be on the upper end of the Sheldon scale, there are no guarantees that the coins or rounds are a particular grade. They could range anywhere between MS60 and MS70. Images of the exact coins available can be requested and returns are accepted.


Third-Party Grading

Occasionally we purchase inventory that reputable grading companies like PCGS, NGC, ANACS, and ICG have graded. The grades on those items are the responsibility of the grading companies. The individual companies must address any issues with the grades assigned they have assigned.


Our Guarantee

Our goal is for every customer to be satisfied with the condition of the coins or rounds they purchase. Condition issues may be missed or items could be damaged during packaging or shipping. If you are not satisfied with the condition of your purchase, please contact us to request an exchange or a refund. 



If you have questions concerning our grading criteria or policies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you or address any concerns you may have.