Exchange and Return Policy

Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not pleased with your purchase, we will exchange or return it as long as it is in its original packaging and condition. Returns and exchanges must be initiated within five(5) business days of delivery and return shipping is non-refundable. We will process the return or exchange once we receive the item and verify its condition. If the item is being exchanged, we will ship the item out within three(3) business days of verification. We will complete returns and issue refunds within three(3) business days. To request returns or exchanges, please contact us via email or telephone.


Cancellation for Non-Payment

Payment for your order must be postmarked, wired, or received within three(3) business days of order confirmation. We may cancel your order at our discretion if we have not received the payment within a reasonable time. If your cancellation creates a financial obligation for Silver 'Round the World, you will be responsible for payment of that obligation.


Rights and Remedies

If you fail to comply with any term of the User Agreement, we may cancel any of your existing orders. Our sole liability and your exclusive remedy for canceled orders is a refund of your payment less any cancellation fees incurred. We may also suspend or terminate your account. The suspension or the termination of your account shall not affect your obligations under the User Agreement.



If you have questions concerning our exchange/return or cancellation policies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you or address any concerns you may have.