Sell to Us

Silver 'Round the World is always looking to buy. If you have what we need, we will pay to get it. Our buyback prices are consistently among the highest online. We are currently paying at least $30.61 per Oz. This price applies to any 1 Oz silver round, 1 Oz Government bullion coin, or 1 Oz of fractional silver purchased. While $30.61 is the minimum price paid per Oz, we often offer more depending on the item. 


What We Buy

We are selective buyers. A glance at the offerings on our website will provide clues to the items we are looking for. Our specialties are 1 Oz vintage silver rounds and 1 Oz government bullion series minted in .999 Fine Silver. Although we are always interested in the items mentioned, our purchases depend on our inventory levels. We normally do not buy large quantities of the same item, but look for variety, focusing on items not currently in stock. Many items in the precious metal market fall outside of our scope.

We are interested in buying:

  • 1 Oz Government Bullion: Andorra Eagles, Noah's Ark, Australia (Koalas, Kookaburras, Lunar), Maple Leafs, Britannias, Libertads, Niue (Owls, Roaring Lion, Tree of Life, Turtles), Rwanda (Lunar, Nautical Ounce, Wildlife), Elephants, Krugerrands, Pandas, ASE's, and others

  • 1 Oz Silver Rounds: Vintage rounds produced before 2000, rounds with interesting themes

  • Fractional Silver Rounds: Government-issued fractional rounds, vintage fractional rounds, fractional rounds with interesting themes

We are NOT buyers of:

  • Rounds minted in gold, platinum, palladium, base metals, sterling, or any purity other than .999+ Fine Silver

  • Items like bars, vintage art bars, poured silver, silver art, collectible coins, junk silver, jewelry, or generic silver rounds (Buffalos, St. Gaudens, etc.)

  • Rounds with adult themes or distasteful content

  • Rounds larger than 1 Oz

  • Rounds not in mint state condition (see Grading Standards page)


How it Works

Making deals over the internet can be nerve-wracking, so we want to make the transaction easy and personal. Selling to us takes place in four simple steps: tell us what you have for sale, we agree on a price, you ship the coins, and we pay you the funds. As a small business, we value our customers and commit to integrity and clear communication throughout each step. 

  1. Let us know what you have. Reach out to us by contacting us through the website or calling us at (205) 617-3747. If you choose to email us, please select the subject "Items for Sale" since this allows us to respond more quickly. Give a detailed description of the items you wish to sell. If they are coins, specify the dates, types, and quantities. If they are rounds, please describe them in enough detail so that we understand what they are. You may attach a spreadsheet to that initial email if it helps. If you choose to call us, we can gather the specifics during our conversation.

    We will respond to your email as soon as possible, usually within one(1) business day. In our response, we will identify the items we want to purchase and request front(obverse) and back(reverse) images of those items. The photos can be of each item or a group picture as long as they are clear enough to see the details. 

  2. We agree on a price. After receiving and reviewing the images, we will submit an offer for the items we desire to purchase. The minimum price per Oz will be $30.61. We will detail any items that command a higher price. This is a formal offer. If you accept our offer, we will pay the offer price, provided the transaction concludes within a reasonable time frame. You are more than welcome to make a counteroffer and we will consider your counteroffer, but any counteroffer rescinds our initial offer. After negotiating, if we agree on a price, we move on to the next step. 

  3. You ship the coins. Pack the coins securely to prevent movement while in transit. The package should be as nondescript as possible with no markings that could identify the contents as coins or precious metals. Insurance is optional, but tracking is required. We will provide the shipping address. We will gladly offer recommendations on packing methods and carriers. 

  4. We pay you. Once we receive the coins and verify that they are the coins we agreed to, we will pay you. Options for payment include PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, and personal checks. When selecting the payment option, please provide the information necessary to complete the transaction. 


Quick FAQ's

As with any process, questions are bound to arise. Here are answers to commonly asked questions:

  • Is there a minimum?
    No. Provided we need and can use the items, we will buy as little or as much as you would like to sell.

  • What are the payment options?
    Paypal, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, and personal checks. If you would like other options, let us know and we will accommodate them if we can.

  • How long does the process take?
    The overall length of the process depends on the time taken to negotiate a price. Our general timeframe for various steps in the process is:
    • Response to emails: Within one(1) business day
    • Verification of items: The same day the shipment arrives.
    • Payments: Within two(2) business days of verification.


Our Guarantee

Every purchase we make, whether large or small, comes with our satisfaction guarantee. We will treat you fairly and with integrity. Our goal is for the transaction to be mutually beneficial. If you have any complaints about your sales transaction, please contact us so we can attempt to correct the issue.  



If you have questions concerning our Sell to Us policies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you or address any concerns you may have.