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Cook Islands Silver Bounty
Government issued silver bullion coins from Cook Islands

Cook Islands Silver Bounty

The Silver Bounty coins are part of an annual release of bullion pieces released by Cook Islands. Their theme comes from the great classic work of literature "Mutiny on the Bounty". Each of these coins is minted with 99.99% FS.

The Cook Islands Silver Bounty coins are a bullion issue with only 5,000 pieces issued per year. They are minted by the Sunshine Minting Company which manufactures these bullion pieces on behalf of the nation. The coins are all official sovereign coins that are fully backed by the government of the Cook Islands and carry a legal tender face value of $1.


Silver Bullion Mintage

Year1 OzYear1 Oz
2009 5,000 2019 Unknown
2010 5,000 2020
2011 5,000 2021
2012 5,000 2022
2013 5,000 2023
2014 5,000 2024
2015 5,000 2025
2016 5,000 2026
2017 5,000 2027
2018 Unknown 2028



Obverse: The obverse of the coins depict a portrait of the internationally known ship HMS Bounty, led by the infamous Captain William Bligh, a British sea captain and colonial administrator. Below the ship image a face value of “1 DOLLAR” is inscribed. The silver weight and purity of “1 OUNCE FINE SILVER .9999” is inscribed in an arc along the rim below face value.

Reverse: The reverse portrays the same image of every Commonwealth of Nations member state. It is the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, and a number of other mostly island countries. Ian Rank-Broadley designed this image of the Queen. To the left of the portrait is "ELIZABETH II" and "COOK ISLANDS is inscribed along the rim on the right. The year is inscribed below the effigy.

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