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Crabtree Mint
Crabtree Mint vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds

Crabtree Mint

Although Crabtree Mint was a prolific producer of bars and rounds in the 1970s and 1980s, very little of the company's history can be established at the present. The earliest dated bar minted by Crabtree Mint is from 1973. While the latest round contains the date from 1982. In the early 1980s, it appears that Crabtree Mint was convinced that silver would return to its highs of 1979. Consequently, it minted 2 Oz and 100 gram rounds redeemable for $100 cash. Dates of redemption exist for 1986 and 1988. These rounds contain silver trade unit reverses minted by the American Pacific Mint so it is possible that they were minted by APM and not by the Crabtree Mint.

All of the products minted by Crabtree Mint were minted with .999 Fine Silver. Finishes ranged from BU to proof. Throughout their existence, they minted many 1 Oz art bars. They also issued rounds in 1 Oz, 2 Oz, and 100 gram sizes. Many of the 1 Oz rounds contain divisible reverses. Along with the name of the mint, Crabtree's mint mark is a tree.


Crabtree Mint Products

     • Duck Club 1 Oz rounds with divisible reverses
     • Various 1 Oz rounds with divisible reverses
     • 2 Oz Americas Rarest Coins replicas

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