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Cutsaw Mint
Silver bullion rounds minted by Cutsaw Mint

Cutsaw Mint

Little is known about the history of the Cutsaw Mint. It is a fairly new mint based in the Dallas area having begun operations sometime in 2020. They specialize in providing end-to-end custom minting services for wholesale bullion clients which includes casting, extruding, rolling, blanking, polishing, and striking pure silver bullion products. All bullion products are guaranteed for purity, weight and inspected for quality. Cutsaw Mint leverages the customers branding by using custom laser-etched dies made in-house with laser-engraving machinery.

The mint has produced .999 Fine Silver rounds and bars in various sizes from 1 Oz to 10 Oz. The bars are RF heat sealed in a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) casing that protects the finish from physical damage and oxidation allowing bars to be sold individually or in sheets of ten.


Cutsaw Mint Products

     • 1 Oz Envela Corporation Covid and Murder Hornet rounds
     • 1 Oz Liberty and Unity rounds
     • 1 Oz Miscellaneous rounds

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