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Vintage 1960's Rounds
1960's vintage 1 Oz and fractional silver bullion rounds

Vintage 1960's Rounds

During the 1960s, silver as an investment was beginning to gain traction. Through 1964, US coinage was still made of 90% silver. Once clad coinage was introduced, the older silver coins began to be removed from circulation by those who believed in a precious metals-backed currency. By the end of the decade, no common US coinage contained any silver. Silver began the decade at 90 cents per OZ reaching its peak of $2.60 in 1968 and ending the decade at $1.90 per Oz. 

Only a few private mints were in operation during this time, with Medallic Art Company being one of the largest and better known. The mints in existence focused on commemorative rounds and medals. Most of the items produced were commissioned by private individuals, groups, or organizations either to commemorate milestones or as collector pieces. The issuing cost for these rounds reflected substantial premiums. No known rounds were produced targeting the investment market.  Any rounds or bars dated from 1960 through 1969 can be found in this category. Additionally, any undated rounds known to be issued during that time will also be placed in this category. If the issuing mint is known, then the rounds or bars will also be listed there. All rounds and bars have been listed in the appropriate thematic categories.

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