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Vintage 1980's Rounds
1980's vintage 1 Oz silver bullion coins and bars

Vintage 1980's Rounds

By the 1980's, silver had peaked due the Hunt brothers attempt to corner the silver market. The subsequent crash as well as the selling off of silver stocks around the world created an excess of silver and lower prices which would stay around for the next two decades. While some of the mints from the 1970's remained, the crash had taken out many of them and opened the door for other mints to produce silver rounds and bars.

Art bars were still being produced although many of the issuing mints began focusing on rounds as well. Any of the rounds or bars dated from 1980 through 1989 can be found in this category. Additionally, any undated rounds known to be issued during that time from will also be placed in this category. If the issuing mint is known, then the rounds or bars will be listed there as well. All rounds and bars have been listed in the appropriate thematic categories.

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