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Vintage 2010's Rounds
2010's vintage 1 Oz silver bullion coins and bars

Vintage 2010's Rounds

The early part of the decade saw a spike in precious metals prices similar to that of the late 1970's.  Silver almost reached $50 per Oz.  The exponential rise in price was matched by it's spectacular decline.  By the middle of the decade, the price had declined to around $15 per Oz where it stayed for the remainder of the decade.  The meteoric rise in price brought substantial new investment interest.  When the price was high, it seemed like everyone was a precious metals investor.  There were a lot of people who were left "holding the bag" when the bottom dropped out.

Along with the investment interest, the rise in silver price brought with it new collector interest. Interest in poured silver (bars and 3D objects) created a market for silver artistry prompting a resurgence in private mints. Large commercial mints also sought to capitalize by creating mini-mintage products. Governments around the world began catering to collectors by producing or authorizing new bullion and collector issues. The market for government bullion began to mature and prices for key dates of older bullion series began to reflect their rarity. Towards the end of the decade, it appeared that precious metals was poised for another run-up in price. Any of the rounds or bars dated from 2011 through 2020 can be found in this category. Additionally, any undated rounds known to be issued during that time from will also be placed in this category. If the issuing mint is known, then the rounds or bars will be listed there as well. All rounds and bars have been listed in the appropriate thematic categories.

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