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Deak-Perera 1 Oz silver bullion rounds


Deak & Company was formed in 1939 by Nicolas Louis Deak, a Hungarian-born American banker. That operation closed in 1942. In 1946 he returned to New York and resumed his business, subsequently acquiring Perera U.S. Inc, a foreign exchange dealer. Over the years Deak’s business expanded rapidly. At its height, the parent company, Deak-Perera, included three banks and some 70 international companies providing a variety of monetary services. His business also expanded into banking and dealing in gold coins and bullion.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the company was shaken by a series of scandals involving the “laundering” of money. Deak-Perera and two of its subsidiaries entered bankruptcy proceedings in 1984. In 1985, the company was purchased by a Singapore lawyer for $52 million with the most valuable asset being Deak's Swiss bank. In 1986, the foreign exchange and gold business was sold to Australia's Martin Properties Ltd. and was renamed Deak Morgan. The following year, the company was transferred to New Zealand-based NZI and expanded its gold coin dealerships. The name was changed from Deak Investor Services, Inc. to Deak International Goldline Ltd.

Deak-Perera mostly produced bars, both cast and finished, in a variety of sizes from 1 Oz to 10 Oz. In 1974, they produced the only known round, a 1 Oz octagonally shaped round featuring an eagle and the Mercari globe. All products are made with .999 Fine Silver.


Deak-Perera Products

     • 1974 1 Oz Octagonal eagle/globe round 

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