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Elemetal Mint
Silver bullion rounds minted by Elemetal Mint

Elemetal Mint

Elemetal Mint was created in July 2015 by the joint forces of Provident Metals, NTR Metals and Ohio Precious Metals and is now the largest private mint in the United States. The principle that stood under this merger was the new customer-oriented approach of these three reputable mints. Ohio Precious Metals is one of the most famous American private mints, located in a silver-rich corner of the country – Ohio. The company started its activity back in 1974 and quickly became popular due to its recycling and environmentally friendly production approach. As part of the Elemetal Mint, OPM is responsible for ensuring the company with LBMA minting practices which guarantee the highest bullion purity and quality. NTR Metals, one of the largest global leaders in the precious metals industry, provides Elemetal Mint with vast production capacity within its 75 international locations. Provident Metals is the online dealer of precious metal bars and coins located in Texas, Dallas, United States. The company is responsible for providing Elemetal mint valuable insights about the evolution of precious metal demand and offer on the industry marketplace. Provident Metals also fulfills the mints order.

Elemetal Mint specialized in producing both gold and silver bullion. It became famous for its innovative and outstanding Elemetal silver bars and rounds. The company’s unique silver bars called Snap Bullion silver bars featured pre-cut lines on their surfaces that give you the opportunity to break apart bulk sizes of silver bars without damaging their original packaging. Through this feature, the Snap Bullion silver bars were easier to be traded on the precious metal market. The bars were available and offered in two size options: 2-ounce bars of 4 individual ½ oz. bars and 5-ounce bars of 20 individual ¼ oz. bars. The bars featured the Snap Bullion logo on the obverse and the Elemetal Mint logo on the reverse: the stylized initials “E” and “M” form the shape of the infinity symbol - the lemniscates. Elemetal Mint also produced uniquely designed silver rounds, like the famous Buffalo Silver Rounds, Cleopatra Silver Rounds,  Hercules Silver Rounds, and their sculpted soldier bullion, like the impressive 1 oz. Rifleman Silver Soldier.

The company went out of business around July 2017. It came under suspicion of participating in the illegal gold trade from Peru. Three of it's employees were charged with laundering billions of dollars. Additionally, some of the gold and silver bars produced were not as pure as the markings suggested. Some remnants of the company exist, but it is no longer involved in the minting of precious metals.


Elemetal Mint Products

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