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Fiji Taku/Turtle
Fiji Taku/Turtle government issued silver bullion coins

Fiji Taku/Turtle

The Taku/Hawksbill Turtle coins are silver and gold bullion coins originally from Fiji, but currently originating from Niue. Taku is the Fijian word for a hawksbill turtle. The silver coins contain 99.9% silver (.999 fineness) and the gold coins contain 99.99% gold. Both metal coins have undergone design changes on their obverse (heads) side.

From 2010 through 2013, the coins were minted by the New Zealand Mint for the government of Fiji. As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Fijian coins pictured Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse side of the coin. In 2010, Fiji was suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations. The action was taken as Fiji failed to hold elections by 2010 as the Commonwealth of Nations had demanded after the 2006 coup. In 2011, Fiji announced the removal of Queen Elizabeth II from their coins starting in 2013. For the 2013 release, the Taku coin featured the coat of arms of Fiji instead of the Queen. The last Fijian coin was in 2013 due to changes in the licensing agreement by the government of Fiji. The New Zealand mint stopped production and no more Fijian Taku coins have been minted. From 2014 onward, coins are now minted for the government of Niue.


Silver/Gold Bullion Mintages

Year12 Oz1 Oz5 Oz



Obverse: The Fijian coins for 2010-2012 shows a smaller portrait of Elizabeth II inside a circle. Engraved along the coin's border is the Queen's title accompanied by "FIJI", denomination and mintage year. The 2013 minted coins replaced the portrait of Queen Elizabeth with the coat of arms of Fiji. The Niue coins restored a larger portrait of the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley with the circle abandoned.

Reverse: A Stylised depiction of a Hawksbill Turtle swimming underwater surrounded by air bubbles. It has a rough background that looks like sand. A mirror-like crescent shape has inscribed the words "FIJI TAKU". The Niue version has the same turtle, but with the Fijian words replaced with "TURTLE".

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