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Gabon Springbok
Government issued silver bullion coins from Gabon

Gabon Springbok

The Gabon Springbok series made its debut in 2010. Even though the series is known as the Gabon Springbok series, it began with the country of Malawi. Coins in the denomination of 50 Kwacha were issued by the Bavarian State Mint in 2010 and 2011. Beginning in 2012, the 1 Oz coins were issued under the auspices of the Gabonese government and had a face value of 1000 Francs CFA. The coins are legal tender in the Republic of Gabon.

During the first four years, the upper inscription on the obverse read "SILVER INVESTMENT COINS". In 2014, the name of the series was officially changed to "THE AFRICAN SPRINGBOK". The reverse of the coins features the coat of arms of the countries of Malawi and Gabon. The obverse depicts a springbok similar to that of the South African Krugerrand but it faces left. Many of the coins in the series have privy marks. They are minted of .999 FS and each coin in the series has a limited mintage of 30,000. Throughout the series, the coins have also been minted with gold plating, colorization, or ruthenium plating. 


Silver Bullion Mintage

Year 1 Oz Year 1 Oz
2010 30,000 2020 30,000
2011 30,000 2021 30,000
2012 30,000 2022 30,000
2013 30,000 2023
2014 30,000 2024
2015 30,000 2025
2016 30,000 2026
2017 30,000 2027
2018 30,000 2028
2019 30,000 2029



Obverse: The obverse depicts a left-facing springbok loping through the prairie grass. The title of the series "SILVER INVESTMENT COINS" or "THE AFRICAN SPRINGBOK" is located at the top. The central image splits the date and if a privy mark exists, it is located to the left. The lower inscription denotes the weight, purity, and content of ".999 FINE SILVER 1 OZ".  

Reverse: The central feature on the reverse is the coat of arms of Malawi or Gabon. The name of the issuing country is inscribed at the top and the denomination can be found at the bottom. 

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