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Germania Mint
Silver bullion rounds minted by Germania Mint

Germania Mint

Germania Mint is a bullion and commemorative coin manufacturer which began in 2018. It is located in Germany but has established partnerships with resellers in many countries in Europe, Australia, and North America. The project is a result of many years of experience in the world of numismatics and hundreds of accomplished international commemorative coin collections. The mints logo is comprised of the bicephelous eagle, the shield, and the laurel wreath, all of which draw attention to both the location, folklore, and the history that the mint is trying to capture.

Germania Mint issues tend to focus on both folklore and symbolic character representations of countries such as Germania, Britannia, Columbia, and Italia. They have produced series entitled Germania, Allegories, Mythical Forests, Warriors, and Germania Beasts. Most of the rounds are produced in limited quantities with the 1 Oz BU versions minted in the 25,000 range. While the name of the mint and the fact that the rounds are denominated in "mark" might lend some to think that these are government issued coins, these rounds are not legal tender. All of the rounds are minted with .9999 Fine Silver.


Germania Mint Products

     • Germania 1 Oz rounds (2019-current)
     • Allegories 1 Oz rounds (2019-current)
     • Mythical Forests 1 Oz rounds (2020-current)
     • Germania Beasts 1 Oz rounds (2020-current)

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