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Ghana Leopard
Government issued silver bullion coins from Ghana

Ghana Leopard

The Republic of Ghana Silver African Leopard Coin debuted from the Scottsdale Mint in 2017. The 1 Oz coins have a face value of 5 Cedis, the fourth historical and only current legal tender currency in the Republic of Ghana. All coins are backed by the Bank of Ghana. They are minted of .999 FS and each coin in the series will have a limited mintage. The obverse of the coins feature a textured surface which mimics the leopard's spots. While the motif of the leopard will remain throughout the series, the poses will differ from year to year.


Silver Bullion Mintage

Year1 Oz



Obverse: On the obverse of the new Republic of Ghana Silver African Leopard Coin you will find the right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the current and longest-reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. The background of the coin features a textured background surface that mimics the look of a leopards spots. On the outer edge encircling the effigy from left to right across the top is name name of the monarch "ELIZABETH II", the year, and the denomination "5 CEDIS". The issuing country "REPUBLIC OF GHANA" is inscribed beneath the image.

Reverse: The reverse of the Republic of Ghana Silver African Leopard Coin depicts the leopard in various forms. The issue from 2017 depicts a stealthy feline predator crawling through the tall grass as it moves to pounce on its prey with lightning speed.

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