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Golden State Mint
Silver bullion rounds minted by Golden State Mint

Golden State Mint

The Golden State Mint is a full-service mint, producing a wide range of bullion bars and rounds in gold, silver, and copper. The Golden State Mint is famed for making custom bullion rounds for its customers, and for manufacturing a large selection of great silver, copper, and gold rounds to in-house designs. Golden State Mint copper rounds, especially, have become extremely popular with collectors and buyers who invest in copper bullion.

It has conducted minting and refining operations for over four decades. They use mined sources, along with recycled sources, to manufacture all of their bullion products. Golden State does not sell products that have circulated through the secondary bullion markets -- all of their products are of brand-new manufacture. They specialize in silver and copper rounds, including a wide variety of sizes including 1 ounce rounds, 5 ounce rounds, and even fractional, 1/2 ounce and 1/10 ounce silver rounds. GSM has been in the precious metals business for 40 years and has facilities in Southern California and Central Florida. All of the silver products produced by Golden State Mint are made with .999 Fine Silver. In terms of mint markings, rounds from the early 1980's either were marked with the name of the mint (Golden State Mint) or it's initials G.S.M. Most of the current rounds produced have the mint's name inscribed, but some of the bullion rounds are unmarked.

Golden State Mint produces quite a few bullion series rounds on its own such as the Buffalo rounds and Aztec Calendar rounds. It is also involved in producing rounds from other designers such as the Silver Shield series or the series from Crescent City Silver. Throughout the years they have produced many different styles of rounds and bars.


Golden State Mint Products

     • Prospector Rounds (1980, 1982, undated)
     • Standing Liberty Rounds (1986)
     • Third party designed rounds (Silver Shield, etc.)
     • Fractional rounds (Buffalo, Walking Liberty, Coin Replicas)
     • Miscellaneous undated rounds such as Buffalo, Standing Liberty, etc.
     • Miscellaneous dated rounds such as Lunar series

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