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Silver bullion rounds minted through GoldIsMoney


GoldIsMoney bills itself as the premier gold and silver discussion forum. It's intent is to "spread the ideas of freedom loving people on matters regarding metals, finance, politics, government and many other topics". Sometime in 2008 the forum decided to have rounds minted representing their values. The rounds were minted by Silvertowne and sold by APMEX. The community designed the rounds, submitted them to APMEX, and paid for the dies. APMEX bought the blanks and minted the rounds based on the orders from the GIM community. Once the GIM community purchased all they wanted, APMEX sold the rest to the general public.


Silver Bullion Mintage

Year1 Oz
2009 Bulls 5,000
2009 Minutemen 5,000
2011 Bulls 2,500
2011 Constitution 2,500



Obverse: The obverse of the coin features the particular topic pertaining to the rounds, whether it be a bull, a minuteman, or the text of Article 10 of the Constitution. Various inscriptions accompany and highlight the central image.

Reverse: The reverse of the coin features the logo for the forum, the letters GIM inset in a circle. Around the outer edge are the inscriptions of the website "WWW.GOLDISMONEY2.COM" located above the logo. The purity, weight, and content of "* ONE TROY OUNCE * .999 FINE SILVER *" are inscribed below the central image.

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