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Great American Mint
Silver bullion rounds minted by Great American Mint

Great American Mint

The Great American Mint was a full-service precious metals company located in Anaheim, California. Formed in 2011 and opened for the first time in 2013, the Great American Mint became one of the largest operations in the United States. The mint billed itself as the nation’s only direct source buyer of scrap precious metals in the country, meaning it purchased gold, silver, and other precious metals from suppliers that were melted down in onsite facilities and refined to purities of .999 or higher.  The company closed its doors in 2019.

The facilities at the Great American Mint allowed the company to handle every step of the production process in house. There was a state-of-the-art refinery onsite that used efficient, environmentally friendly “zero discharge” processes to refine gold and silver without pouring destructive emissions into the local environment. There was also an onsite analytical laboratory that used fire assay, wet chemical analysis, atomic absorption, and X-ray fluorescence to accurately determine the precious metal content of all its gold and silver. Using additional Inductively Coupled Plasma equipment, Great American Mint chemists and technicians were able to detect precious metals in scrap content in parts per millions.

As one of the nation’s largest private mints, the Great American Mint produced and sold a wide variety of products. The company offered minting and stock bullion, commercial refining, and even custom minting and bullion production for precious metal wholesalers. Among the most popular products from the Great American Mint was its one ounce and fractional-ounce silver rounds. In addition to these popular silver rounds, the Great American Mint also produces silver rounds and bars with its own designs or corporate logo on them. Great American Mint branded bars are a popular bullion product from the mint, as are some of its many rounds, such as the United We Stand Silver round.

The Great American Mint also produced the unique Silver Round Bars. These products featured the Morgan Silver Dollar and Walking Liberty round designs on the face of 1 Oz and 10 Oz silver bars. For each bar, the obverse face features an inset image of the obverse side of these respective rounds, combining popular American coin designs with affordable silver bars. In addition to this, the Great American Mint also produced custom rounds and medallions for private companies looking to sell specific products or provide specific medallions to a customer base as well as a large volume of investment-grade bullion blanks for use in striking sovereign coins and commemorative pieces. The United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and British Royal Mint were all customers of the Great American Mint, purchasing blanks for use in the production of American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf's, and Britannia Silver coins.


Great American Mint Products

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