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Hamilton Mint
Hamilton Mint vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds and bars

Hamilton Mint

Hamilton Mint was a prolific producer of silver in the 1970's in the same mold as Franklin Mint and Danbury Mint. Much of what it produced was in the form of sets of bars or rounds with the majority of the sets being bars. Many of the sets were also produced with gold plating. While Franklin Mint mostly produced items minted in sterling silver, Hamilton Mint used .999 Fine Silver. All of the products were "proof-like" with well designed details.

The rounds produced by Hamilton Mint were minted in varying sizes. Some of the rounds were 2.1 Troy ounces while others were less than 1 Troy Oz. On occasion, they did produce 1 Oz rounds. Many of these were not parts of sets but were commemorative issues such as the 1975 Apollo Soyuz issue or the Holiday issues. The earliest Hamilton Mint issues date from 1970 and the latest ones seem to be from 1978. In spite of almost a decade of production of silver art collectible bars and rounds, information concerning the company itself seems to be scarce.


Hamilton Mint Products

     • 1976 Bicentennial round
     • 1975 Apollo round
     • Holiday themed rounds
     • Miscellaneous dated sets and rounds

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