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Highland Mint
Silver bullion rounds minted by Highland Mint

Highland Mint

The Highland Mint is a full service mint that was established in the early 1980's. With state-of-the-art facilities housed in a 40,000 square foot building in Melbourne, Florida, our complete services allow us to take any job from start to finish. In-house abilities include layout and design, sculpting and die making, processing of precious and non-precious metals, and stock tooling of different shapes and sizes, plus packaging and fulfillment services.

Through the years, The Highland Mint has expanded its production base from the bronze, silver, and gold Mint-Cards to a full line of medallions, and the company now produces and/or distributes a wide variety of fully-licensed sports and non-sports collectibles, including Mint-Coins and Photo-Mints. The Highland Mint has also added creative elements to a number of its metal products, including mini and jumbo-sized items, color, high relief, sandblast features, and even football-shaped medallions. All products are limited editions and are individually numbered and accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity. Collectibles products are presented in custom jewelry boxes as well as other types of packaging.

All of The Highland Mint precious metal products are created with the finest craftsmanship possible. Every detail and image on each medallion is hand-sculpted into plaster. The sculptors painstakingly sculpt designs first in clay then in hard plaster working on a base that is six to ten times larger than the actual coin until the right image is captured. The finished sculpting is then transformed into a die by converting it to a rubber mold and using reducing machines replicate the artwork by cutting the image on the sculpt into steel dies. In order to produce a coin in the shape and size of your choice the corresponding tooling is required. Once the material is chosen it is blanked out to the corresponding size, and rolled to the appropriate thickness. The blank is then cleaned using a multi-step process that includes burnishing and ultra sound cleaning before it is put in the press to be struck. The stock tooling allows flexibility in sizes ranging from 10mm to over 3.5. Each medallion is struck several times before going through a variety of finishing processes.

Coins can be made to different heights of relief. To produce higher relief coins not only requires thicker material but greater tonnage or capacity of the press to move the material to the desired height. The presses range from 350 tons to 1600 tons (3.2 million pounds per square inch) allowing for a coin to be struck to the dimension or thickness required. The coining presses range from high speed (500 coins a minute) to manual feed machines. Perfect finish (proof greatly reduce the output rate while tokens or struck piece (bullion) can be produced with high speed machines. Coins have also been produced with a wide range of finishes such as antique, brush, lacquer, or proof.


Highland Mint Products

     • Tokelau Ocean Life series
     • Humphrey & Son's Daytona Bike Week series
     • Undated 1 Oz replica rounds (e.g. Buffalo, Morgan, St. Gaudens, etc.)
     • Undated fractional rounds (1/2, 1/4, and 1/10 Oz)
     • Modern bullion thematic rounds

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