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Holy Land Mint
Silver bullion rounds minted by Holy Land Mint

Holy Land Mint

Holy Land Mint (a.k.a. Israel Coins and Medals Corp.), while being somewhat unique in terms of mints, is not well-known in spite of it's longevity. It is unique because it was established as a government agency but not for the purpose of minting legal tender coins. Instead, it's purpose was to commemorate historical events, people, and culture associated with the nation of Israel.

Israel Coins and Medals Corp. was established in 1958 by the Prime Minister Ben Gurion for the purpose of commemorating the historical events and milestones of the State of Israel, as well as its outstanding personalities and achievements in culture, science and art. Until 2008, the Corporation was fully owned by the Government of Israel. During 2008, it was privatized and is now known by the name Holy Land Mint.

Throughout the years, since its inception until the present, the Corporation has strictly maintained its original character and values, just as Ben Gurion had envisioned. ICMC's Spheres of Activity:

  • ICMC is the marketing arm and sole worldwide distributor for the Collector Coins issued by the Bank of Israel.
  • ICMC maintains sole rights of the Government to issue the State Medals of Israel and is also commissioned by private organizations, enterprises and individuals to issue special customized medals for them. Medals issued by ICMC are struck in gold, silver, bronze and other base metals.
  • ICMC issues high quality gold 999.9 for investment and gifts.
  • ICMC promotes Israeli Art through sales of art and Judaica designed by Israel's most talented artists.
  • ICMC designs, produces and sells high quality exclusive fine-designer jewelry, in gold and sterling silver.
  • ICMC collaborates with the Israel Antiquities Authority in producing replicas of ancient coins and archaeological artifacts excavated in Israel.

Holy Land Mint has produced many numismatic bars and rounds throughout the years. Most of them are limited mintage. In recent years they have started producing gold and silver bullion investment rounds as well. The two series currently in production are the Dove of Peace series (2013-current) and the Jerusalem series (2014-current). These two series are minted with .999 Fine Silver.


Holy Land Mint Products

     • Dove of Peace series (2013-current)
     • Jerusalem series (2014-current)
     • Miscellaneous 1 Oz dated rounds (Gates of Jerusalem, etc.)

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