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Letcher Mint
Letcher Mint vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds

Letcher Mint

The Letcher Mint was a mint based in the Lancaster, California area which operated from 1972 until around 1981. The mint produced a few 1 Oz bars and rounds. In 1975, Letcher Mint persuaded Saloman Mamaloni, the Chief Minister of the Solomon Islands, to give them the right to mint official commemorative coins. This was done in secret contrary to the law and without consulting the Council of Ministers. As a result, the Chief Minister was forced to resign. The Letcher Mint produced bi-metallic (silver and gold) commemorative coin sets such as the American Patriots (1976), the Parthenon (1973), commemorative coins for Solomon Islands (1975) and Djibouti (1981). The only bullion round produced seems to be the Heraldic Eagle round dated 1973 and 1974, but there are a few other collectible rounds as well such as the famous flights.


Letcher Mint Products

     • Heraldic Eagle 1 Oz round (1973 and 1974)
     • Miscellaneous 1 Oz vintage art rounds (e.g. famous flights)

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