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Medallic Art Company
Medallic Art Company vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds

Medallic Art Company

Medallic Art Company, Ltd. was based in Dayton, Nevada, and was at one time America’s oldest and largest private mint. Throughout its storied history, the company produced many important medals and awards in the United States, including the Pulitzer Prize, the Congressional Medal of Honor, the National Medal of Science, the President's Medal for Freedom, the Newberry and Caldecott Medals, the Inaugural medals for eleven U.S. presidents. Additionally, Medallic Art produced portrait medals of well-known civic and community leaders and commemorative pieces for major corporations, foundations, universities, and associations.

Henri Weil, a highly respected French sculptor living in New York City, founded the Medallic Art Company in Manhattan in 1903. He, along with his brother Felix, worked at Deitsch Brothers, a company that made die-struck ornaments for woman's handbags. When the styles of handbags changed, the Weil brothers repurposed the presses to make medals and purchased Medallic Art Company from Deitsch. One of its first commissions was the Hudson-Fulton Medal of the Circle of Friends of the Medallion in 1909.

Medallic Art grew in size and prestige in New York before moving to Danbury, CT in 1972. It remained in Connecticut until 1991 when the company was acquired by Tri-State Mint, a respected private minting operation in Sioux Falls, SD. Initially Tri-State Mint ran Medallic Art as a division of its precious metals minting operation. Eventually, Tri-State Mint changed its name and began to conduct all operations under the name "Medallic Art Company Ltd." In 1997 Medallic Art Company relocated to its state-of-the-art facilities in Dayton, NV.

In July 2009, Medallic Art Company was purchased by Northwest Territorial Mint. The Northwest Territorial Mint declared bankruptcy in April 2016. After protracted bankruptcy proceedings, Medallic Art’s tradename, website, customer lists, archives, tools, specific machinery, certain company-owned Medallic dies and other properties were purchased by Medalcraft Mint, Inc. The bankruptcy allowed the American Numismatic Society to purchase about 20,000 pre-1998 dies, die shells, plaster casts, galvanos, photographic archives, and other important cultural materials. The Society has launched an initiative, the MACO Project, to identify and publish this material to make it available to researchers.

With a history spanning over 100 years, the company produced a broad range of products in both gold and silver. The earlier silver products tended to be sterling with odd (non-1 Oz) sizes. Later on, many of the medals and rounds were minted in 1 Oz sizes with .999 Fine Silver. The vast majority of rounds were commemorative rounds minted on behalf of individuals or organizations. 


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