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Silver bullion rounds minted by MintID


MintID was founded by Corey Maita, who has worked in precious metals for over fifteen years. This company launched in 2020 with the release of ounce silver rounds, as well as varying sizes of silver bullion bars. With the world continually moving forward technologically, Maita revolutionized the precious metals industry with exclusive American bullion that incorporates highly sophisticated security technologies to counteract counterfeiting. 

Each investment-grade product comes outfitted with an NFC chip incorporated in the packaging, on the MintID silver bar or round, or both. The anti-counterfeiting measures are issued directly through ISO: 9001 rated minting facilities for LBMA/COMEX-approved metals. Some of those facilities include Asahi Refining, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the US Mint.

The NFC chip is a scannable, tamperproof device that is equipped with AES-128 bit encryption. Because the microchips are tamperproof, the chip self-destructs if it detects any attempt to remove it. This microchip meets the “Advanced Encryption Standard,” a standard that is approved by the US government. The microchip retains a history of the silver round or silver bullion bar which can be accessed when scanning via the MintID application. After scanning the item, the product’s digital identity which is stored on MintID’s cloud can be viewed. 

Multiple quantities may come in rolls that are further secured with the cryo-tamper tag. This tag is also scannable, and it will render as ‘sealed’ if you never opened it. Otherwise, it will be marked as “tampered.” More features from the application include Real-Time Authentication, official Product Images, Product Specifications, Digital Serial numbers, and Buy/Sell Capabilities. MintID offers a variety of sizes of silver bullion struck from .999 Fine Silver. There are 1 Oz and 2 Oz silver rounds as well as 5, 10, and 100 Oz bars. MintID also packages and certifies government issued gold bullion such as Kangaroos, Maple Leafs, and American Gold Eagles. 


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