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MK Barz
Silver bullion hand-poured rounds by MK Barz

MK Barz

Founded in 2014 and based out of Los Angeles, California, MK Barz and Bullion is a family-owned and operated private mint, specializing in hand-poured silver bullion. The owners have over 35 years of experience in grading and collecting American silver coins as well as 32 years of experience in operating a foundry specializing in bronze statues, awards, and incentives. They have become one of the world's largest manufacturers of hand-poured precious metal shapes and designs and are known for their unique and innovative designs.

MK Barz and Bullion do not produce silver rounds. Instead, their hand-poured precious metal bars and rounds go beyond traditional silver investments. The motifs run the gamut from political,  to military, to nature-inspired themes.  They even produce products with quirky symbols. Their silver products are made with .999 Fine Silver and come in a variety of sizes including 1 Oz.


MK Barz Products

     • Unique 1 Oz hand-poured rounds

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