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Modern Collectible Silver

Modern Collectible Silver

Post 2000 silver bullion 1 Oz and fractional coins minted by private mints around the world. For classification purposes only, the year 2000 separates vintage silver from modern collectible silver.  Anything produced after 2000 is deemed to be modern.  In some cases, such as the Norfed issues, the series began in the late 1990's but most of the rounds in the series were minted after 2000. Any round in a series such as this will be classified as "modern" regardless of the date it was minted. The subcategories are broken out by different mints such as Geiger Edelmetalle and Highland Mint. The rounds are listed by the issuing mint and if the rounds contain dates, they will also be placed in the appropriate decade of issue.  Undated collectible rounds of unknown mints will be listed in the Miscellaneous category. 

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