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Native American Mint
Silver bullion rounds minted by the Native American Mint

Native American Mint

The Native American Mint is a mint located in Torrance, California. Its purpose is to offer research, design, and minting expertise to help tribes tell their individual tribal histories by issuing coins as sovereign nations. The Native American Mint focuses on advancing the culture and history of various indigenous tribes through beautiful art on silver bullion coinage. The result for the tribes is circulating coins at home and abroad while earning various royalties. Despite the denomination on the coins, the Native American Mint issues are not affiliated with the United States Mint or the United States Government and are not legal tender in the United States of America.

Many of the products minted by the Native American Mint are 1 Oz silver coins of various tribes with the denomination of $1. These coins are minted with .999 Fine Silver in both BU and proof-like finishes. The mint also produces full sets of circulating coins for various tribes. These sets are often minted with base metals.  


Native American Mint Products

     • 1 Oz Tribal $1 coins (2014 to present)
     • Miscellaneous 1 Oz tribal-themed coins

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