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North American Fishing Club
Silver bullion rounds minted through the North American Fishing Club

North American Fishing Club

The North American Fishing Club (NAFC) was a club founded in 1988 in order to promote fishing. It had a variety of magazines, books, and services targeting those who enjoyed fishing. It was formerly created by an American media company, The North American Outdoor Group and the North American Membership Group (NAMG) which specialized in membership clubs and related magazines. Since 2007 it has been owned by the Pilot Group, a private equity firm run by Robert W. Pittman. In 2013, NAMG acquired Scout.com. NAMG combined with Scout.com to form Scout Media. Pilot Group lost control of Scout Media to a group of Russian investors and Scout Media filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

During the life of the organization, a set of proof-like silver rounds were produced with each one depicting a different fish. The set was entitled North American Grand Slam and there are at least 23 rounds in the set. The rounds were minted with .999 Fine Silver bearing that marking but were also produced with silver plate. The silver plate rounds are unmarked with regard to weight, content, and purity. The mint that produced the rounds is unknown.


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