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North American Mint
Silver bullion 1 Oz and fractional rounds minted by the North American Mint

North American Mint

North American Mint, which began operations in 1986, was founded by William J. LaMere. Throughout his career, he worked with the largest Medallic arts business in the United States. His 3 decades of experience experience gave him the knowledge and expertise in the crafting and manufacture of coins, medallions and metal arts. Now, his sons have carried on the tradition.  The mint is located in Rochester, NY.

The LaMere family blends subtle artistry and technical skill with the finest sculpts and precious metals, bringing to life the most beautiful minted treasures in the industry. The mint is one of few in the country with the quality, integrity and honesty required to stay in business for generations.

North American Mint is a full service mint. They use the latest die-making technologies to transfer one-dimensional art into three-dimensional epoxy model made to transfer the image to an actual-size die. A die-making machine transfers the image in detail from the large model to the high grade steel die. This insures consistent quality on longer runs. Before minting, clean metal blanks are pre-polished and washed. They accommodate commercial customers as well as special requests by individuals.

Gold, silver, and other metals are used to make the coins and medallions. The silver products range in size from 1/4 and 1 Oz all the way up to 16 Oz and are made from .999 fine silver. The products can be produced with a variety of finishes such as proof-like, uncirculated, satin, and antiqued.  They have produced 1 Oz rounds for sale but also have produced rounds designed by other well known companies such as Chautauqua Silver Works, Pheli Mint, the Silverbug Community, and Anonymous Mint.


North American Mint Products

     • Undated 1 Oz rounds
     • Apollo 11 series
     • Silverbug Community rounds
     • Anonymous Mint rounds
     • Chautauqua Silver Works rounds

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