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NTR Metals
Silver bullion rounds minted by NTR Metals

NTR Metals

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2004 by Steve Loftus, North Texas Refinery, or NTR Metals, was a global precious metal company based in the United States. NTR produced all types of precious metal bullion in addition to providing a variety of refining, minting, and recycling services. In its heyday, NTR refined more than 30 million pounds of metal per year and the company maintained 75 locations worldwide, serving over 30,000 companies all over the world. NTR also manages precious stones, including gemstones and diamonds. The company ceased operations in 2017 after some of its employees were found guilty of money laundering. Elemetal, a subsidiary of NTR Metals, also ceased operations as a result.

NTR comprised of four operating divisions. The commercial refining division catered to the refining needs of pawnbrokers, jewelers, and others in the precious metals market. The industrial recycling and refining division salvaged precious metals from various waste streams. NTR was a precious metals market maker for palladium, silver, gold, and platinum precious metal bullion. This division served the needs of the jewelry, coin, and financial industries at the wholesale level. Fourth, the bullion minting division used fine precious metals to produce pure bullion products. NTR stood out from other refineries because it offered some of the lowest prices per bullion ounce in the industry. This was partly due to economies of scale, as NTR had a massive global presence. The company also ran its own minting facilities, which meant it could better control quality across the production process. NTR oversaw everything from melting to stamping bars and rounds.

NTR refined and minted a variety of precious metals, but it was best-known for its gold and silver bullion products. The company offered 1-oz, 10-oz, and 100-oz silver bars, as well as 1-oz and kilogram gold bars. Investors could also purchase one-ounce silver rounds. Because the company oversaw the metal life cycle, it achieved industry-leading quality control. As a result, NTR guaranteed its bullion products for weight, purity, and quality. 


NTR Metals Products

     • Bull/Bear 1 Oz rounds
     • Buffalo 1 Oz rounds
     • Miscellaneous dated and undated 1 Oz rounds

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