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Patriot Coins
Silver bullion rounds minted by Patriot Coins

Patriot Coins

Patriot Coins is a private mint based in Frisco, Texas owned and operated by Rob Gray. Even though it began operation in 2021, by virtue of being owned by Rob Gray, it has a much longer presence in the precious metals industry. Around 2008, Rob Gray became aware of  Bernard von NotHaus and the NorFed Dollar and assisted in those efforts. After the demise of that organization, he began work with the American Open Currency Standard, which promoted the use of hard currency. When the organization folded, Mr. Gray started the Mulligan Mint. This mint lasted from 2012 to 2013 and eventually went bankrupt.

Rob's next venture in the precious metals industry art and silver sculptures. He designed and brought to market more than a hundred different models, including the Frazetta Chess Set, Slave Queen, and The Silversmith Collection. The NWT Mint sale in 2018 enabled Gray to acquire specialized equipment for coin production. With this new capability, in 2019 Gray teamed up with Rearden Metals and created the BlockChain Mint. This company was based in Singapore. It is known for creating blockchain coins and rounds such as the Wall Street Bets, the Litecoin, and the DogeCoin rounds.

Due to the covid pandemic restrictions, Rob returned to the United States in 2021 and began Patriot Coins. All of the previous efforts have been rebranded under this company. Starting from 1,000 Oz good delivery bars, the mint has the capacity to produce around 10,000 1oz rounds per day. The rounds are all minted with .999 Fine Silver and produced with a variety of finishes. Current collections include the Inflation is Coming series, Silver Hobo Nickel series, and the silver Kruger


Patriot Coin Products

    • 1 Oz Blockchain Mint crypto rounds
    • 1 Oz Inflation is Coming series
    • 1 Oz miscellaneous commemorative rounds

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