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Regency Mint
Silver bullion rounds minted by Regency Mint

Regency Mint

Regency Mint began is based in Orem, Utah.  The owners began minting operations out of their garage in 1999. Since that time, it has grown into a full-service mint that produces custom pieces. Regency Mint specializes in every part of the minting process, from the initial design to the minting to the packaging. 

The mint will work in a variety of metals, both precious (gold, silver) and base (copper, brass). The sizes for the precious metals range are 1/10 Oz, 1/4 Oz, 1/2 Oz, and 1 Oz. The precious metals are purchased on the open market and can be either .999 Fine or .9999 Fine based on the customer's needs. Finishes for the coins can be Proof Like, Dull Mint Luster, or Frosted. While they predominately produce custom-minted coins and rounds for individuals, they have also produced several bullion pieces that are sold through authorized vendors. Their standard bullion rounds are the divisible gold panner, the Morgan replica, the Buffalo Nickel replica, and the Walking Liberty replica. Most of their bullion pieces are marked with the mint mark of an "R" inside of a five-pointed star.

Regency Mint Products

     • Divisible gold panner undated 1 Oz rounds
     • Coin replica undated 1 Oz rounds (Buffalo, Morgan, Walking Liberty)
     • Custom minted dated and undated rounds

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