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Reliable Corp
Reliable Corp vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds

Reliable Corp

Reliable Corporation is a precious metal processor based in Connecticut. It had its early beginnings in 1979. Reliable began as a manufacturer and supplier of silver anodes, silver salts, and gold salts. Over the following 30 years, the product line expanded to include fine silver, sterling strip, and wire forms. In late 2008, Reliable Silver Corporation made a step change in its evolution with new ownership. New staff with extensive precious metals experience came onboard. Our present staff continues to grow with extensive experience in managing precious metals trading desks, vacuum casting, continuous casting and rolling processes, extrusion, commodities management, and applications ranging from electroplating to vacuum deposition.

In the 1980's, perhaps as part of advertising or perhaps to capitalize on the market, it produced a few silver products. The only known bars it produced were plain 25 Oz bars. In 1986 it produced rounds celebrating the Centennial of the statue of Liberty.  Two varieties of these rounds were produced, one which was dated and contained a quote on the reverse, and the other undated with a simple Reliable Corp logo on the reverse.  These are the only known rounds produced by Reliable Corp and were minted with .999 Fine Silver.


Reliable Corp Products

     • 1986 dated Statue of Liberty Centennial 1 Oz round
     • Undated Statue of Liberty Centennial 1 Oz round (logo on reverse)

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