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Royal Hawaiian Mint
Royal Hawaiian Mint vintage 1 Oz and fractional silver bullion rounds

Royal Hawaiian Mint

The Mint, as it is known in Hawaii, was founded in 1974 by Bernard von NotHaus and Talena (Telle) Jay Presley. That same year, Bernard explored the interactions of the economic, political, and social systems which culminated with the publication of "To Know Value", an economic research paper.

At first, the Mint was little more than an idea of commemorating the Hawaiian culture, minting the first coins in Hawaii and using them as barter among friends within the little community of Ahualoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. In its early stages, the mint was called The NotHaus Mint. It eventually grew to become The Hawaiian Mint. In 1986 it was renamed the Royal Hawaiian Mint and by that time it had grown to six locations on the eight islands and employed a couple of dozen people.The Royal Hawaiian Mint was founded by Bernard von NotHaus and Talena (Telle) Jay Presley on September 11, 1974 with the publication of their economic research paper, "To Know Value." Originally named, The NotHaus Mint, the name was changed in 1976 to The Hawaiian Mint and then changed again in 1985 to the Royal Hawaiian Mint. In 1999 the Mint was leased to Dan Foxan when the founders retired to pursue their private interests on the mainland. In 2007, the manufacturing division of the RHM was leased to Bud Gregory. In 2010, Telle returned to Hawaii and opened the Mint's flagship store in Waikiki, and Bud relocated the manufacturing plant to a new, high-security building that is closed to the public. Special mint tours can be arranged via the Waikiki store. 

For over forty years, Hawaii’s first state-registered Mint has remained true to its original dedication,  preserving Hawaiiana in precious metals. The Polynesian’s discovery of Hawaii, the western discovery by Captain Cook in 1778, the unification and founding of the Kingdom by Kamehameha the Great, the King Kalakaua coinage of 1883, the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani in 1893, the Statehood in 1959 and the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, have all been commemorated in issues from the Royal Hawaiian Mint. 

Throughout its history, the Mint specialized in minting gold, silver, platinum, and base metals to commemorate important events in Hawaii. Most of the silver issues weigh 1 Oz but periodically fractionals have been minted. The silver issues are minted with .999 Fine Silver and many of them have a proof-like finish.


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