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Samoa Seahorse
Government issued silver bullion coins from Samoa

Samoa Seahorse

In 2018, the Scottsdale Mint partnered with Samoa to issue a silver bullion series of coins. The Samoa Seahorse coins feature one of the native species from the warm coastal waters around Samoa and are available in both bullion and antique versions.

The coin’s image is an artistic depiction of a Seahorse camouflaged in a sea grass bed near the ocean floor, attempting to elude its many predators. The unique abstract stain-glass design of this coin leaves the investor with the impression that this coin more closely resembles a piece of art than a legal tender instrument. The mintage of the series will be limited to 30,000 coins each year

The coins, manufactured and distributed by Scottsdale Mint and legal tender in Samoa, are struck in .999 fine silver, weighing 1 troy ounce each, proof-like and placed in capsules. They are shipped on customized Scottsdale Mint branded skin boards of five coins which allow for ease of division by cutting the skin board into individual pieces while simultaneously keeping them sealed.


Silver Bullion Mintage

Year1 Oz



Obverse: The obverse displays a single seahorse swimming in the open tropical waters of the Samoan Islands. This motif is constant through the series. The decorations surrounding the seahorse will vary from year to year and have ranged from abstract stained glass, to seaweed, to bubbles, to ocean waves. The obverse of the 2018 coin bears the weight and purity of "1 OZ 999 SILVER SEAHORSE". No inscriptions appear on the obverse after the first year creating a simple appealing design for the coin.

Reverse: The reverse of the coin bears the coat of arms for Samoa. The shield in the crest has the Southern Cross constellation on an assure field with the Samoan motto "Faavae I le Atua Samoa", which translates as "Samoa is founded on God". Above the shield is a Christian cross, while the top half of the shield has waves and a singular palm tree. The outer design field has a beaded border all around the coin. Inscribed below the shield is "2 TALA", the denomination.  Other inscriptions changed after 2018, the first year of the series.  In 2018, the country of issue, "SAMOA", is inscribed at the top between the border and the shield and the date of issue is split by the shield with two digits to the left and two to the right. For 2019 and beyond, the country of issue and the date (e.g. "SAMOA•2019") are inscribed at the top between the border and the shield and the date of issue is split by the shield with two digits to the left and two to the right.   The weight "1 TROY OUNCE" is located to the left of the shield and the purity and content of "999 FINE SILVER" is to the right.  The weight and purity were located on the obverse during 2018, the first year of the series.

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